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BVRLA welcomes Government’s counter-terrorism strategy

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The Home Secretary has launched Government’s latest counter-terrorism strategy, confirming that it will allocate more counter-terrorism resources and increase intelligence-sharing to help with the early detection of terrorists.

In it, the strategy makes reference to the vehicle rental sector: “The Department for Transport, the Police, CPNI and the Home Office are further enhancing protection against this threat, including […] work with the vehicle hire and haulage industries on measures to improve counter-terrorism security awareness through training and best practice guidance and to understand where new and emerging technologies (e.g. vehicle immobilisation devices) can be developed to further mitigate the threat.”

BVRLA Chief Executive Gerry Keaney said: “Our sector has always taken security very seriously and the BVRLA has long-established processes in place to share information on the latest security threats and best practice. We continue to work with Government to explore ways of how we can share data more effectively.

”We also welcome the Home Secretary’s announcement of more intelligence sharing and increased counter-terrorism resources. Our members and their employees cannot be expected to do the job of law enforcement, which is a government function requiring specialist skills.

“We are working hard to increase awareness across the sector of the threat of terrorism and have recently developed a series of training resources available free-of-charge to both members and non-members. The training tools have been designed to be delivered in-house by non-experts to those operating in the daily rental sector.”

The BVRLA recently published a report, Vehicles as weapons: a threat and policy assessment for the UK vehicle rental sector, produced in partnership with International Centre for the Study of Radicalisation, which assesses the impact of terrorism on the rental sector.

The full suite of counter-terrorism training resources and the 32-Page Vehicles as weapons report can be accesses here via the BVRLA website.