UK set to miss carbon emissions targets

The government has revealed that while the UK is set to comply with its current third Carbon Budget, which ends in 2022, it will miss its targets for the fourth and fifth versions.

Each year, the Department for Business, Energy, and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) produces projections of UK energy demand and greenhouse gas emissions, currently up to 2035.

BEIS has attributed the increase in the UK’s projected emissions to better modelling methods, and the fact that vehicle efficiency initiatives are now expected to deliver more modest emissions savings than previously anticipated.

The report points out that the UK can achieve further emissions savings through upcoming policies from the government’s Clean Growth Strategy, as well as technological advancements and economic changes.

The Clean Growth Strategy, which is part of the government's wider Industrial Strategy, sets out an ambitious plan for decarbonising the economy. 

See the updated projections on the GOV.UK website