Party manifestos focus on zero emission transport

BVRLA Public Affairs Manager Rachael Hewish joins the BVRLA blogging community this week to share insights from the main political parties’ manifestos ahead of the upcoming general election.

In her blog, Rachael says; “Dig a bit deeper, past the Brexit soundbites, and all the parties are racing each other to zero emissions. They  each have a slightly different take on how to get there.

“Politicians see the future no longer as autonomous or connected vehicles but rather in terms of decarbonisation and air quality. It mirrors what we’ve been hearing from our own engagement with government and policymakers ahead of the election.

“Regardless of the outcome of the election, it is becoming abundantly clear that zero emissions and the electric vehicle are here to stay and will continue to be a political hot topic well into 2020 and beyond.”

Rachael concludes by highlighting the BVRLA’s own road to zero manifesto and the BVRLA’s useful campaign page: General Election 2019.

Read Rachael’s blog in full: Political race is on for net zero.

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