Oxford postpones planned zero emission zone

Oxfordshire County Council has delayed its planned Zero Emission Zone pilot in the city of Oxford, postponing the August go-live date to later this year.

Oxfordshire County Council will confirm the new date at least 6 weeks prior to the launch.  

Once the ZEZ pilot is introduced, those that need to use a vehicle that isn’t zero emission within the zone will need to make a payment either in advance, on the day, or up to 6 days after the day of entering the ZEZ pilot area.  

Charges, which will vary depending on the emissions of the vehicle entering the zone, will be payable via an online facility accessed via the Oxfordshire County Council website and not the government’s payment portal facility.  

A 90% discount from ZEZ charges will be available for vehicles owned by and operating from businesses within the ZEZ pilot area. Up to ten vehicles per business address can be registered. The discount will not be available for business vehicles used for commuting purposes and will end on 31 July 2025.