National Highways reminds drivers to ‘Know the zones’ 

National Highways has launched a second wave of its campaign ‘Know the zones’. The campaign targets all road users, including car and van drivers, as well as heavy goods vehicle (HGV) drivers and seeks to remind everyone about HGVs’ limited visibility.

National Highways_Not always visible.jpg

Car and van drivers significantly underestimate the limitations of an HGV which are:

  • blind spots and areas of limited visibility
  • longer stopping distances
  • wider turning circles
  • lane restrictions
  • speed restrictions
  • size.

All road users need to be aware of HGV driver limitations. The campaign aims to raise awareness and knowledge of these areas of limited visibility with road users, thereby increasing confidence. It also acts as a reminder to HGV drivers to take extra care when initiating an overtake.

More information on the National Highways website: Know the Zones.