Motor Insurance

Advice regarding insurance and taking a vehicle abroad after the transition period is completed.

Whilst the UK is due to leave the EU at the end of January, the country will actually enter a transition period where current rules will still apply until the end of the transition period which finishes in December 2020.

This period may be extended if no trade deal has been finalised at this point. 

This means that though the UK might formally leave the EU, there is no requirement for green cards as proof of third-party insurance until the transition period is finished – and there future requirement will be dependent on what sort of UK-EU trade deal is negotiated.

What is a green card?

A 'Green Card' is an international certificate of insurance issued by insurance providers in the UK. The 'Green Card' gurantees that the motorist has the necessary third-party insurance cover for travel in the country being travelled to. All certificates are green in colour and list the countries for which the motorist's insurance policy is valid.

If your customers do not have proof of third-party insurance cover they may not be able to drive in that country. In addition, they may be fined in accordance to the law of that country. 

How to get a green card

Your customers can request a Green Card from the insurance provider free of charge. However, if the vehicle is rented you may need to request it from your own insurer. Rental companies who self insure should be able to obtain a green card from their contingent insurer.

Fleet operators

If your customers have a fleet policy, they will need to ensure they have green cards for each vehicle that is travelling into an EU country. 

Fleet customers that have access to a digital copy of the green card will need to ensure the document is printed on a colour printer as the certificate will need to be green.

Some countries may also require seperate vehicle trailer insurance for all towing vehicles therefore a seperate green card will be required for each trailer your customers are towing. More on trailer registration

EEA motorists visiting the UK

EEA motorists will still be required to have third-party insurance cover for travel within the UK and be required to carry a valid green card.

Without a green card it cannot be proved you have the appropriate third-party insurance cover therefore they may need to purchase local insurance in the UK. This would provide proof of third-party insurance cover for a non-UK registered vehicle in the UK for a limited period.