BVRLA Manifesto 2019

BVRLA members have a unique perspective of the issues facing road transport in the UK and have the purchasing power to tackle them. They have a long track record of working constructively with policymakers in driving down emissions, improving road safety and making road transport more cost efficient and accessible. This manifesto puts forward some ideas for future collaboration.

The BVRLA's  plan of action for the Government’s first 100 days:

  1. Extend the Plug-in Car Grant for pure electric vehicles until 2025. As the electric vehicle market makes significant progress towards cost parity, funding can be reduced and gradually phased out.
  2. Introduce a revised grant to reboot purchases of plug-in hybrid cars and reverse the dramatic falls in sales. This subsidy should taper off as the market improves.
  3. Target additional funding for the fleetsector to help with the costs of installing EVcharging infrastructure.
  4. Adjust C02 related taxes to create a morestable environment for company cars,incentivising large fleet buyers to invest inthe lowest emitting vehicles.
  5. Extend Future Mobility Zone funding foranother year.
  6. Create a Mobility Innovation Fund whichwould be used to help cash and resource-strapped local authorities to work withlocal transport operators and residents todevelop new, integrated mobility services.
  7. Establish a new, ring-fenced 'Clean Freight Fund' to help commercial vehicle operatorsupgrade their vans and trucks.