It’s time to shift gear on tax

The BVRLA has brought together nine organisations representing economists, fleets, motorists, the automotive industry, energy providers, and local government to contribute to a new BVRLA report sharing perspectives on vehicle tax reform.

The BVRLA’s pioneering report, Road to Zero: time to shift gear on tax, will stimulate a dynamic discussion between drivers, the automotive supply chain and policymakers about creating a tax system fit for the future.


Launching the report earlier this week, the BVRLA’s Chief Executive Gerry Keaney said: “Time to Shift Gear on Tax is the first report of its kind, bringing together a host of policy perspectives and ideas that all demonstrate the urgent need for vehicle tax reform. We thank all our partners for their brilliant contributions.


“We want the report to kick-start a process of change, with industry working with the Treasury. A taskforce with the kind of expertise shown in the report will help drive this forward.”


Read the full BVRLA press release issued 4 March 2019: It’s time to shift gear on motoring tax