Key telematic insights and trends

Chris Horbowyj, Channels Sales Director at Trakm8 talks to BVRLA Senior Policy Advisor, Catherine Bowen about key trends across the Trakm8 telematics network and the key benefits of using telematics to assist with the management of fleets in this 12-minute interview.


01.18    Long-term trends emerging because of the coronavirus

03.01   Chris describes a typical user case study where using a fleet management solution, such as Connectedcare, has had a positive impact on downtime

04:52    Chris highlights key trends he has seen across his network throughout the lockdown months

06.00    Tips for fleet managers to maximise fleet uptime

07.12     Remote working trend impacting on Trakm8 business and customers demand for products/services

08.54     More than two months since the lockdown was lifted – Chris answers if he feels that the automotive supply chain is fully up and running yet or still in recovery mode

10.10    Close, Chris briefly mentions relationship with BVRLA and wider industry.