How rental and leasing can help SMEs

In the latest issue of Greenfleet magazine, the BVRLA highlights how the vehicle rental and leasing sectors can help small businesses by giving them more flexibility and less risk when adopting a sustainable fleet.

In a special feature for SME’s, the BVRLA’s Andrea McMahon writes about how the rental and leasing sectors are giving access to affordable, zero-emission vehicles:  

“Choosing a vehicle is a complex business. There has always been a lot to consider, particularly around affordability, flexibility, suitability, and maintenance costs. Now, environmental credentials are an increasingly important consideration, especially for those individuals and businesses who need to take vehicles into one or more of the Clean Air Zones that are emerging across UK cities. 

“[…] Not only does rental and leasing provide flexibility, it also enables you to keep your cash in the bank and removes risks associated with fluctuating residual values when the vehicle is sold.” 

The article is also published on the BVRLA website: Giving businesses access to affordable zero-emission vehicles

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