Homecharge grant scheme during coronavirus

The BVRLA has been seeking clarification from the Office for Low Emission Vehicles about the operation of the Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme during the coronavirus crisis.

Several members have reported that they are seeing cancellations of orders for electric vehicles, either by the driver, employer or leasing company, due to the impact of the virus on working hours and pay.  

In some cases, drivers have already applied for the Electric Vehicle Homecharge grant and they are either progressing with installation or it has already happened.  

The BVRLA contacted OLEV to understand its view on whether the grant would still apply. Would OLEV relax the rule on how long an individual needs to have the car (which currently stands at a minimum of six months) and allow the installation/the grant to go ahead? Or would they expect that the driver picks up the £350 grant cost if delivery of the car is not scheduled to take place as originally planned? 

 OLEV responded stating that customers have a responsibility to inform either OLEV or their installer if any of their circumstances change after signing the EVHS application form. If a customer’s circumstances change after signing Part A ahead of the date of installation, they should inform their installer, as the change may have invalidated their application.  

If the customer’s circumstances change or they no longer have use of their electric vehicle before the minimum six-month keepership period, the customer must inform OLEV via Chargepoint.Grants@olev.gov.uk.

OLEV said it would consider the scenarios the BVRLA has outlined if the changes are outside the control of the customer when considering what action, if any, it would take. However, this will be on a case by case basis and will depend on where the customer is on the path to having an EV charge point installed.