Have you updated your membership records?

The BVRLA is asking members to check and update their membership records to avoid any issues during the 2021 renewal process. Each member has been given a nominated membership renewal contact, who can log-in to the BVRLA website and make any changes up to 28 September.

Updating your details is a simple three step-process: 

1.       Login to your BVRLA website account.   

2.       Ensure that your Organisation details are correct and up to date. Once this is done, please complete the confirmation survey on the right-hand side of the page and press ‘confirm’. 

3.       If we require Fleet Details you will see a link to the Fleet Details page. Select this link and update, then complete the confirmation survey on the right-hand side of this page and press ‘confirm’.  

Renewal contacts will receive an email confirmation once the details have been updated. 

Should an email confirmation not be received, or you have any problems logging into your BVRLA website account, please contact membership@bvrla.co.uk.

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