Fleets can register vehicles on CAZ charging checker

With the first Clean Air Zone being introduced in March members are reminded that if they do not have compliant vehicles, they will need to pay using the Government’s central payment portal.

Payments to the Clean Air Zone charging portal can be made 7 days in advance or 6 days in arrears.  

Businesses with more than one vehicle are encouraged to register in advance of the CAZs going live to help manage this process.  

Bath CAZ takes effect on 15 March, followed by Birmingham on 1 June. 

Following recent consultations both Greater Manchester and Bristol have also announced that a CAZ will be introduced. This follows further modelling that explored whether the air quality changes due to the pandemic were enough to mitigate the need for a CAZ. In both cases modelling has shown the improvements are not significant enough to retain cleaner air and continue to pose a risk to public health.