Fleets can deliver sustainable transport and a stronger economy

The vehicle rental, leasing and fleet sector can work with policymakers to deliver a swift rebound in the economy and a faster trajectory towards transport decarbonisation.

This is the key message of the BVRLA’s new Covid-19 Recovery Plan, published today. As well as setting out the industry’s sustainable transport credentials, the report urges policymakers to work with BVRLA members in supporting the automotive sector and delivering net-zero transport. The plan also shows how the industry can drive positive transport behaviour change and help tackle the scourge of air pollution.

“BVRLA members have a unique perspective on the issues facing road transport in the UK and have the purchasing power to tackle them,” said BVRLA Chief Executive, Gerry Keaney.

“They have a long track record of working constructively with policymakers to drive down emissions, improve safety and make road transport more cost efficient and accessible.”

In its recovery plan, the BVRLA gives the Government a set of five clear priorities that can deliver more sustainable transport for a stronger economy:

1. Maintain the financial liquidity that underpins the motor finance market.

2. Provide a tax and incentive regime that will stimulate vehicle demand.

3. Focus on the key levers for accelerating road transport decarbonisation.

4. Take a more active role in supporting and managing the roll-out of Clean Air Zones.

5. Support the role of flexible car models in enabling more sustainable transport choices.

Today the BVRLA has also written to Chancellor Rishi Sunak providing a more detailed proposal on the tax and stimulus measures that should be deployed to ensure a net zero recovery and healthy automotive sector.

Notes to editors:

  1. The BVRLA’s letter to the Chancellor can also be read on the BVRLA website