Direct Vision Standard FAQ

What has happened so far to Direct Vision Standards in London?

The DVS is currently on its final consultation response. There are 3 stages to the consultation and the final stage (2B) is still to be completed.  Phase 1 and Phase 2A have been completed.

Phase 1

The first consultation phase involved the TfL consulting on the DVS proposal and forming evidence to help inform an Integrated Impact Assessment (IIA), which assessed the likely impacts of the DVS on a range of issues.

Phase 2A

The second consultation phase asked for feedback and views on the HGV Safety Permit System and the Safe System approach.

Phase 2B

The final phase will be a consultation on statutory proposals to implement the proposed scheme. This consultation is expected to be published in early 2019.

What is the HGV Safety Standard Permit?

Proposals have been developed for an HGV Safety Standard Permit (HSSP).

All operators, wishing to use their vehicles in London, can apply for a HSSP from October 2019 onwards.

From October 2020 onwards, all HGVs driving through London will need to have a HSSP. It will be a compulsory requirement. All 0-star HGVs will be banned unless they provide a ‘safe system’.

From October 2024 onwards, the star rating will increase, and each HGV will require a minimum of a 3-star rating to enter London. Any vehicle rated lower than 3 stars will be banned from London.

How do the Direct Vision Standard star ratings work?

The DVS uses a star system to rate HGVs over 12 tonnes with a 0-star rating being the lowest and a 5-star rating being the highest.

Manufacturers will confirm to operators what the star rating of their vehicle is based on the approved technical protocol.

What is the 'Safe System'?

The Safe System is a series of vehicle safety measures (fitted after point of manufacture) which are designed to reduce the risks HGVs present to vulnerable road users.

Further guidance and more detailed information on the HGV safety permit requirements can be found here.

Where can I find out more about the London Direct Vision Standards?

Further details on all of the above and more information on the DVS is available on the TfL website.