Demystifying Road Traffic Offences

The BVRLA recognises that queries regarding Road Traffic Offences and charges, for instance, the Dart Charge, MerseyFlow and private and local authority Penalty Charge Notices (PCNs), take up a great deal of members’ time.

The number of fines issued relating to road traffic and other offences have grown dramatically over the last 10 years. As a direct result of this, BVRLA members spending more and more time dealing with offences that have been incurred by their customers/drivers.

The situation is further complicated as each road traffic offence is governed by its own legislation and process. This often leads to uncertainty as to whether a representation can be made to transfer the offence to the customer (referred to as a ‘transfer of liability’) or not.

The BVRLA’s Guide to Road Traffic Offences aims to assist members in dealing with road traffic offences and PCNs, appealing against decisions by enforcement authorities, making statutory declarations and helping members train staff on the subject.

The BVRLA would also suggest firms check their statements of liability found on Rental Agreements. If the wording of this is incorrect, transfer of liability to the hirer may not be possible. There is guidance on this in the BVRLA’s Rental Agreement template, which members can adapt for their own needs.

Download the BVRLA Guide to Road Traffic Offences