Clean Air Stickers Required for Drivers in France

Drivers travelling to France must display a clean air sticker in their vehicle to comply with local low emission zones. The stickers - known as Crit'Air vignettes depict the EURO standards of the vehicle.

Failure to display the sticker will result in a fine of up to €180 (£155). It is the driver’s responsibility to obtain the sticker, however, members may wish to arrange this on the driver’s behalf.

Crit'Air vignettes cover the vehicle for its entire lifetime. Travellers with a 100% electric car still need to display a sticker. They cost €4.61 (£4) and apply in 12 French cities or regions, including Paris, Lyon, Marseille, Montpellier, Bordeaux, Toulouse and Aix-Marseille-Provence.

How to purchase a sticker and more information is available on the Crit’Air website. Customers will need to know the EURO standard of their vehicle to complete a purchase.

There is also an environmental scheme for Germany, but these stickers can be purchased at garages, hotels etc at the roadside and do not need to be bought in advance.

Also see the BVRLA’s Taking Vehicles Abroad Factsheet which looks at a range of requirements imposed in different European countries that will be useful to customers at holiday time.

BVRLA’s sales of VE103 Vehicle on Hire Certificates have surged this summer, suggesting that more UK motorists are taking their vehicles onto the Continent. This acts as a reminder that members should always check if their customers intend to take vehicles abroad and make sure they have a VE103 certificate if they do. Failure to present a valid certificate when driving abroad could lead to the vehicle being impounded.

See the VE103B Certificates information and order page on the BVRLA website.