Changes to vehicle taxes must be fair, proportionate, practical and planned

The BVRLA responds to reports that the Chancellor Rishi Sunak is considering road pricing to offset loss in fuel duty as electric vehicle uptake grows.

BVRLA Chief Executive Gerry Keaney said:

“As we move away from combustion fuels and increase adoption of battery electric vehicles, the Chancellor understands the need to explore ways of plugging the financial hole that will be left by today’s emissions-based motoring taxes. We continue to work with both the Treasury and wider transport stakeholders in considering how and when the tax system should adapt to this zero-emission transition .

“Any radical change will need a great deal of consideration and forward planning. Policymakers must start conversations now and the fleet industry must have a seat at the table in these discussions. To support a speedy and sustainable shift to zero emission road transport, it is essential to have alignment between fiscal and environmental policy. Getting it wrong will punish drivers and compromise the UK’s ability to achieve its environmental and economic goals. To get it right, it must be fair, proportionate, practical and planned.”