BVRLA welcomes focus on EV infrastructure

The BVRLA welcomed the additional funding for electric vehicle charging infrastructure announced in last week’s Spending Review but urged the Government to work with the fleet sector before making any changes to the motoring tax regime.

BVRLA Chief Executive Gerry Keaney said; “Amid some very sobering news on UK national debt, unemployment and economic growth, it is reassuring to see that the Government is still willing to invest billions of pounds in supporting the transition to zero emission road transport. 

“We are now working to a far more aggressive ICE vehicle phase-out target, so it was also great to see the Government focussing on some of the key challenges outlined in the BVRLA’s recent Road to Zero Report Card – particularly the requirement to invest in grid infrastructure ahead of demand and the need to help SMEs and leaseholders.” 

The National Infrastructure Strategy emphasised the need for motoring tax revenues to ‘keep pace’ with the uptake of electric vehicles, and Keaney has urged Government to work with the fleet sector to ensure that this is done in a timely, effective, and proportionate way. 

“The Government’s future motoring tax strategy has to strike a very fine balance. Yes, it needs to maintain vital revenues and encourage people into newer and cleaner vehicles. The Government must also avoid placing a crushing tax burden on businesses and individuals that are unable to upgrade their cars, vans or trucks and are already struggling to cope with the economic implications of the Covid-19 pandemic and EU-Exit.”    

Watch the association’s two-minute video on key announcements from the Spending Review.