BVRLA responds to VED consultation

HM Treasury recently sought industry views on Vehicle Excise Duty (VED) to help inform a move towards a more dynamic system and to understand how VED can support road transport decarbonisation.

The BVRLA engaged extensively with members through working groups, committees and a member survey and also helped organise a roundtable with senior HM Treasury officials. 

The BVRLA’s response called for: 

  • A single rate for a car linked to its CO2 emissions 
  • Any changes to VED structure to be cost neutral for fleets 
  • Five-year foresight on future rates 
  • The Government to work more closely with industry in considering the next generation of motoring taxes for a zero-emission economy 
  • Tax officials and policymakers to improve their understanding of  the IT constraints and challenges faced by BVRLA members and the DVLA 

You can find out more about open consultations and the BVRLA’s responses on the consultations page of the BVRLA website.

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