Quarterly Leasing Survey (2019 Q2)

Petrol has overtaken diesel as the fuel of choice for new lease cars, according to the latest BVRLA Quarterly Leasing Survey.

Petrol drivetrains were powering 54% of new registrations in Q2 2019, up 15% on the same period in 2018. Diesel’s share of new registrations fell below 40% for the first time, while its dominance of the total lease car market continued to wane, dropping to a 62% market share. New pure EV registrations held steady with a 1% market share.

Falling diesel registrations and the introduction of the more accurate WLTP emission testing protocol continued to put upward pressure on CO2 figures. Average CO2 for new lease cars rose to 118.5g/km in Q2 2019, up 6% year-on-year. The average CO2 for all new cars sold also rose, to 129.7g/km, up 5% year-on-year, and 9% higher than the BVRLA fleet.

The combined fleet leasing sector for cars and vans has continued to shrink, falling 5.5% year-on-year to stand at 1,230,000 at the end of Q2 2019. The quarterly year-on-year decline in the car fleet slowed, falling back below 10%, with a total size of 832,000. The van fleet stood at 398,000, which is 3.3% up on the same period in 2018, but still represents the lowest growth rate since the BVRLA started collecting data in 2013.

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BVRLA Quarterly Leasing Survey report  (Q2, 2019)


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