BVRLA membership hits new highs in 2023

The BVRLA ended 2023 with 1,040 members, a record total for the association.

The total BVRLA fleet has risen to 4.1m vehicles, an increase of 150,000 vehicles (+4%). This was driven by the car fleet growing by 7% vs 2022 data, achieving a total fleet size of 3.2m. The HGV fleet grew by 4% (3,000) units in 2023 and now sits just below 94k units in total. The total van fleet saw a decline, which can be attributed to a fall in one member's fleet.

Ultimately, BVRLA members represent 1-in-10 cars, 1-in-6 vans and 1-in-6 trucks licensed on UK roads.

Read more about the latest BVRLA membership data on the BVRLA website.

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