BVRLA 5 Minute Insight with Coastr

In this 5 Minute Insight video Biswajit Kundu Roy, CEO at Coastr, talks about how incorporating carbon accounting and ESG measures can bring a green revolution in the vehicle rental and leasing sector and help companies achieve their Net Zero targets.


Read more about Coastr’s carbon-neutral, one-stop-shop rental and subscription management platform powered by connected cars technology.

Data Sources:

1. FedEx - the company has converted 20% of its 35,000 fleet to electric or hybrid engines, successfully reducing fuel consumption by more than 50 million gallons till date [Source]

2. McKinsey - a strong ESG proposition helps companies tap new markets and expand into existing ones. It can also drive consumer preference- with a recent McKinsey research stating that customers are willing to pay more to “go green” [Source]

3. Volkswagen - in Germany, Volkswagen has reported a 23% increase in its NPS scores as compared to 2020 after creating a group policy on sustainability management [Source]

4. BMW - in the year 2009 BMW set out its organization-wide sustainability targets making it the only automotive brand listed on the Dow Jones Sustainability Index since the benchmark was established. [Source]


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