BVRLA Budget Submission 2018

The BVRLA urged the Chancellor to use his Autumn Budget statement in October 2018 to energise the take up of plug-in electric vehicles and to support the vital role played by the company car.

Company Car Tax (CCT) is one of the Government’s most powerful tools to influence the behaviour of businesses and individuals. A fair, consistent and well-signalled system can play a vital role in helping achieve the Government’s cross-departmental policy ambitions on the Road to Zero. The Treasury has a tremendous opportunity to accelerate this process and accentuate the results with a simple realignment of the Company Car Tax regime. In the absence of a positive intervention by the Government in this Budget, there is a risk that the Road to Zero could be undermined.




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Jinmi Macaulay

Senior Policy Advisor, BVRLA

Jinmi joined the BVRLA in May 2018.