Birmingham considers Clean Air Zone delay

Birmingham City Council has announced that it is considering further delaying the introduction of its Clean Air Zone following concerns about the readiness of the Government’s vehicle checker portal.

The anticipated July roll-out is now more likely to be pushed back to later in the Summer. Birmingham has already announced a delay from the original anticipated launch in January. 

The government’s vehicle checker was launched on 5 February to enable motorists to enter their vehicle registration to see if they will be charged to enter the zone, however there are concerns about whether it is fit-for-purpose.

A Birmingham City Council spokesperson stated that the government was working to “iron out any issues as quickly as possible but that once the issues were resolved there needs to be a period for motorists to check and prepare – and it has been suggested that this be a six-month period in fairness to all concerned. This remains in line with the previously-stated CAZ launch estimate of summer 2020.”

Leeds City Council is due to hold a council meeting next month, where it will be making the decision over the launch date for its Clean Air Zone.

The BVRLA continues to liaise with the Joint Air Quality Unit (JAQU), as well as Birmingham and Leeds City Councils and will keep members updated with further developments as they arise.

For more information on local authority plans, check the BVRLA’s CAZ map.