A step closer to self-driving vehicles on UK roads

The Government has set out how vehicles fitted with Automated Lane Keeping System technology could legally be defined as self-driving if they receive GB type approval and there is no evidence to challenge the vehicle’s ability to self-drive.

Designed for use on a motorway in slow traffic, and limited to speeds of 37mph, an Automated Lane Keeping System enables a vehicle to drive itself in a single lane, while maintaining the ability to return control easily and safely to the driver when required.  

The technology claims to improve road safety by reducing human error, which contributes to over 85% of accidents. 

The Government will be consulting on the use of screens later in the year and will also await the outcome of the Law Commission review before they can change legislation to allow people to properly self-drive. If the new laws are approved, drivers would no longer have to keep their hands on the wheel while the system was active. 

The consultation on proposals to amend the Highway Code runs until 28 May. For more information or to share views for the consultation, email Senior Policy Advisor Catherine Bowen

A full list of open consultations and previous consultation responses can be found on the BVRLA website.