Training and Events

The BVRLA provides a wide range of training, events and educational activities to support best practice and the professional development of its members. Engaging in these activities will help you to keep abreast of the latest developments and will lead to improved knowledge and competence.

Additional benefits include:

For the individual:

  • Improves your knowledge, skills & abilities
  • Builds confidence and credibility
  • Changes attitudes and behaviours
  • Helps keep you up-to-date
  • Helps your career development
  • Gain professional recognition

For the organisation:

  • Increases the capabilities of your staff
  • Maintains professional standards
  • Improves performance
  • Helps build and maintain morale
  • Attracts high quality staff
  • Improves retention

Don’t forget to record any activities as this allows you to review and reflect on your own development. For further information read our CPD (Continuing Professional Development) Factsheet.

CPD (Continuing Professional Development) Factsheet