Your views: Future of transport review 

The Government has launched a call for evidence asking for information and views on three areas of the Future of transport regulatory review. 

The closing date for the Future of transport regulatory review is 22 May 2020. The BVRLA will be submitting a response and has written to the Future Mobility Working Group asking for feedback to help prepare this.  

The three areas covered by the review are: 

  • Micromobility vehicles 
  • Flexible bus services 
  • Mobility as a Service (MaaS) 

This call for evidence asks: 

  • Whether certain micromobility vehicles (such as electric scooters) should be permitted on the road, and if so what vehicle and user requirements would be appropriate 
  • How effective existing rules are around flexible bus services, and which other areas of the bus, taxi and private hire vehicle framework should be considered in this review 
  • what the opportunities and risks of MaaS platforms might be, and what role central and local governments should play in their development. 

The section on Mobility as a Service focuses on: 

  • What role central and local government should play in the development of MaaS platforms  
  • What measures are required for standardisation and interoperability of data, for example the routing, ticketing and timetabling data, to deliver MaaS 
  • What further action is necessary, if any, to ensure MaaS platforms provide safe and appropriate use of data and protection of an individual’s information  
  • What opportunities or risks MaaS platforms present to the wider transport system, including active and sustainable modes and inclusive travel. 

The Future of transport regulatory review was first announced in March 2019 as part of the Future of mobility: urban strategy. 

Contact Senior Policy Advisor Catherine Bowen with your feedback. 

Find out more about what live consultations the BVRLA is responding to and read previously submitted consultation responses on the Consultations section of the BVRLA website