Transport Minister sets the scene for BVRLA Fleets in Charge

Outgoing Transport Minister Rachel Maclean paid tribute to the fleet sector’s role in delivering road transport decarbonisation as she addressed the BVRLA’s Parliamentary Reception last week.


Addressing 120 BVRLA members, industry stakeholders, MPs and peers, she said: 

“You are at the forefront of the change... you have a lot of influence.” 

Responding to the launch of the BVRLA’s latest Road to Zero Report Card and Fleet Sustainability Credentials, she acknowledged that EV uptake was “not moving fast enough” and said that “success rests on having an adequate infrastructure.” 

The Minister’s remarks came just three weeks before of the BVRLA’s flagship road transport decarbonisation conference, Fleets in Charge. 

More than 500 BVRLA members and automotive supply chain partners have now signed up for the digital event, which takes place on 7th October.   

The new Transport Minister is scheduled to address delegates, who will also hear from expert panellists discussing the BVRLA’s Road to Zero Report Card and how the COP 26 summit can drive change within the fleet and mobility services sector. 

Visit the event registration page to sign-up or find out more.