Time for decarbonisation action as well as targets, says BVRLA

Fleets will only be able to meet the Government’s ambitious new decarbonisation goals if they are given the right support with electric vehicle (EV) grants, tax incentives and infrastructure costs.   

The BVRLA, whose members own and operate more than five million cars, vans and trucks and buy nearly 50% of all new vehicles sold each year, is urging to the Government to match its bold new carbon reduction targets by unveiling a comprehensive EV support package in its forthcoming Budget.

“Budget 2020 is an opportunity to set the tone for a new decade in which the transition to decarbonised road transport will be won or lost,” said BVRLA Chief Executive, Gerry Keaney.

“Fleets are being asked to invest billions of pounds in new electric vehicle technology and infrastructure, which comes at a hefty price premium to its petrol and diesel alternatives.

“To achieve these goals the Government must provide a clear support package through to at least 2025. It must preserve the Plug in Car and Van Grants, maintain a strong set of tax incentives and tackle the huge and often arbitrary costs associated with fleet charging infrastructure.”