No-Deal Brexit

What happens if no deal is agreed between the UK and the EU?

The Government has continued to issue a series of “technical notices”, outlining the steps businesses are advised to take in the event of no deal being agreed between the UK And European Union, following Brexit.

Some of the key notices that will be of particular interest to members include:

  • Firstly, for individuals driving in the EU (whether for private or commercial purposes), driving licences may no longer be valid, and an additional International Driving Permit (IDP) may also be required.
  • Recognition of vehicle insurance in the event of a no deal being agreed will cease access to the ‘Green Card’ free circulation area. UK motorists will need to carry a ‘Green Card’ as proof of third-party motor insurance cover when driving in the EU.
  • Following the UK's exit from the EU, UK hauliers operating in EU countries may require new paperwork.
  • Finally, reporting CO2 emissions for new cars and vans may also change in a no-deal scenario. Current reporting is mandated and governed by Regulation (EC) 443/2009 (cars) and Regulation (EU) 510/2011 (LCVs), which both set mandatory annual fleet CO2 emissions targets, and specific targets for each manufacturer’s fleet.

For further more detailed information please visit the EU-Exit campaign website

The BVRLA has a Brexit webinar available below: