Minister invites BVRLA to review of HGV testing

Transport Minister for Roads and Security, Baroness Vere, has invited the BVRLA to be part of an official review of the current heavy goods vehicle testing provision, taking place over the coming months.

The review will assess whether current roadworthiness testing is fit for purpose and whether it supports or hinders the effective operation of the haulage and logistics industries. It will highlight areas where further work needs to be carried out.  

The work to conclude by the end of this calendar year will consider options for the future of testing to achieve the best outcomes for road safety and industry. 

The review is anticipated to cover the following key issues:  

• Resilience and responsiveness in the testing system  

• Expected lead times for test bookings, and local variations  

• Understanding and reconciling customer, testing facility provider and DVSA information, along with evidence and feedback about the current testing system  

• Establishing a single, clear evidence base with which to assess levels of testing performance.  

Previously, the BVRLA has lobbied for removal of the requirement for vehicle testers to be DVSA employees and for there to no longer be a requirement for an annual test at the first anniversary of the vehicle’s registration.  

Members can input views by contacting Director of Fleet Services Amanda Brandon