Health and well-being at home

As more people find themselves working from home following the imposition of measures and restrictions to help curb the spread of the coronavirus, many will feel a sense of isolation.

During these unprecedented and testing times it is important that everyone looks after their mental well-being as well as their physical health.  

The BVRLA would like to share some tips for a healthy home working environment: 

  • The right equipment – there are many innovations in technology that will make remote working life much easier, so research these and liaise with your employer for the best options. 
  • Designate a space for work – as much as you might want to wake up and work directly from the comfort of your own bed, in the long term it’s not going to aid in your productivity. 
  • Set yourself working hours – set some rigid working hours where you turn everything off and focus on the work that needs your attention. 
  • Get some structure in place – structure your workday by planning out which tasks need to take priority and how many hours you are going to spend on each job. 
  • Communicate like never before – It is beneficial if you can supplement email or text communication with frequent face-to-face and voice interactions. 
  • Use flexibility wisely – you know better than anyone when you do your best thinking and working - so take advantage of it. 
  • Track your progress – this will avoid procrastination and allow you to focus on those key tasks you want to achieve in your working day. 
  • Avoid distractions – there are always other household errands that need doing, but you are best to put those off until after your structured working hours as if you were not at home. 
  • Take accountability – communicate any problems you encounter immediately with your Manager, Client or Team so they can seek extra resources if needs be. 
  • Take breaks – at home you don’t have the usual lunch breaks or time away from your desk that rejuvenate you ready for the next challenge, so you need to schedule that time in. 

Automotive charity BEN has a wide range of mental health support options available, including online self-help, a digital platform with guided therapeutic programmes, as well as telephone or face-to-face talking therapies and counselling.  

Anxiety, depression, stress, pressure and sleep are all covered and supported by BEN.

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