Government to postpone Clean Air Zones until 2021

The BVRLA has welcomed the Government’s decision to postpone the implementation of Clean Air Zones until 2021.

BVRLA Chief Executive Gerry Keaney said: “This is a very sensible decision in the current circumstances. It gives some temporary respite for businesses and individuals trying to come to terms with the current health crisis and gives the government’s Joint Air Quality Unit (JAQU) extra time to make sure that key systems such as the centralised payment portal are fit-for-purpose and more fleet friendly.

“We have worked closely with JAQU to inform them of the needs of fleets and drivers and we hope that they use this delay wisely to ensure a more joined-up approach is taken when local authorities implement their air quality measures next year. To date the range of air quality measures being proposed are wide and varied across UK towns and cities. The landscape is very confusing. Hopefully this delay will provide additional time to reflect and deliver a more effective and coordinated way forward.”