Fleets in Charge Webinar - Untangling the charging conundrum

Last summer the CMA warned the UK public charger network needs to expand by at least 10 times by 2030. Our first Fleets in Charge webinar of 2022 puts this issue under the microscope, delving into the wide array of charging needs, available options and the biggest challenges we’ll be facing in order to keep zero emission vehicles sufficiently fuelled.

0:02:10 Katie Black, Head of Office for Zero Emission Vehicles (OZEV) gives government update and answers questions from audience

0:20:20 Catherine Bowen, Senior Policy Adviser at BVRLA gives a preview of our latest research project, our 'Fleet Charging Guide'

0:35:58 Panel discussion with Tom Callow, Head of Insights and External Affairs at BP Pulse, Laura Holloway, Head of Government & Public Affairs, at Enterprise, David Phillips, Logistics & Supply Chain Director, at Sunbelt Rentals UK, and Chris Jackson, Head of Fleet Business Development, at Centrica. Chaired by Catherine Bowen, BVRLA

The BVRLA's Fleet Charging Guide has now launched and is available online.