Company Car Tax Campaign 2021

The current Benefit in Kind (BiK) taxation structure is the single biggest driver of zero emission vehicle uptake in the UK.

The introduction of ultra-low BiK rates electrified the BEV market. The sudden withdrawal of these incentives could short-circuit it. Rates need to remain low until at least 2030 to ensure the company-provided car market meets the phase-out targets.

For the rapid electrification of these vehicle markets to continue, the Government must

  • Publish 2025/26 BiK rates as a minimum. Every extra year of foresight builds market confidence
  • Pledge that BEV BiK rates will not rise above 10% before 2031/32
  • Commit to a BEV BiK escalator that increases rates by less than 3% a year

Make your voice heard, write to your MP and encourage your drivers to do the same - We have FREE resources for you to use below


How to write to your MP

Writing to your MP to raise your concerns and offering to meet with them is a powerful way to campaign for much needed future BiK tax clarity.

For your MP to influence the Budget process you will need to write to them as soon as possible as they will need to write to the Chancellor before 30 September.

We have gathered some top tips for writing to your MP about this issue:

  • You can check who is your local MP and how to contact them using Parliament's Find your MP tool.
  • Personalising your letter is a great way of showcasing your knowledge and passion about the topic. You could include an anecdote or some figures about electric van take up for your company. 
  • We've produced a template letter employers and employees can use to write to your MP below. Please make sure you complete any blanks and add your personalisation. 
  • Please let us know if you have written to your MP as it will help us with our parliamentary outreach work too. You can do this really simply by forwarding a copy of the email you have sent to your MP to the BVRLA Policy and Public Affairs Team ([email protected])