BVRLA responds to latest SMMT figures

BVRLA Chief Executive Gerry Keaney responds to latest SMMT new car registration figures published today (6 Jan).

“2020 has been a tipping point for electric vehicle uptake and demonstrates what can be achieved when Government works closely with business fleets to develop a set of powerful grants and tax incentives and invest in a robust public charging network. The latest BVRLA data shows that the fleet sector continues to lead the charge towards zero emission motoring, with battery electric vehicles responsible for 21% of company car registrations in the three months to October 2020.

“Unfortunately, if we zoom out and look at the big picture, the car market has had a catastrophic year, with new registrations at their lowest level for nearly thirty years. With so much uncertainty surrounding the impact of EU Exit, Coronavirus and the economic downturn, the Government must do everything it can to support the vehicle buyers that underpin the UK’s new car market.

“With the next Budget just weeks away, the Chancellor must continue to ring-fence the long-term grants and tax incentives that make electric vehicles affordable. He must also resist the urge to pile more motoring tax increases on fleets and drivers that have yet to make the transition to zero emission motoring. Many of these businesses and individuals are struggling financially and can’t yet find an electric vehicle that meets their needs or budget.”