Blogger contemplates the future of cars

Joining the BVRLA blogging community is Steve Gooding, Director at the RAC Foundation, who shares his thoughts on the future of cars and driving, whilst looking ahead to the end of internal combustion engine vehicles.

In his blog, Steve asks us how we feel about cars and goes on to say:  

“The Government’s consultation on ending the sale of internal combustion engine cars and vans has not long closed, and to me that is feeling like the end of an era, even if the ban is still a decade away at the more ambitious end of the accelerated timescale advocated by the Climate Change Committee. 

“Of course we’re not contemplating a ban on the sale of cars per se: the Government’s enthusiasm for electric cars is still burning brightly, and is matched to some extent by the BVRLA’s customer base - EV registrations for company car and salary sacrifice levels have soared and are now, I’m told, in double figures for many leasing companies as people take advantage of the 0% Benefit in Kind company car tax rate, which means demand is outstripping supply for many of the highest performance (longest range) models.” 

Read Steve’s blog in full: How do we feel about cars?