Management Fundamentals

The BVRLA’s brand new cost effective Management Fundamentals Package, has been designed to help all Managers excel and progress in their roles. All of the management modules have been carefully selected to develop the skills needed to be a great Manager and to successfully lead a team in 2020.

Suitable for:

Managers wanting to self-develop to the next level whilst leading and inspiring those around them. Modules covering skills which will allow learners to reflect on their own performance, seek feedback and ultimately become stronger leaders.

Learning objectives:

To develop your self-awareness, self-management, social awareness & relationship awareness management skills, this carefully selected group of modules will help progress you to the next level of management.


6 modules delivering a total of 4 to 5 hours of learning. These modules are not specifically tailored to the vehicle leasing industry.


£75.00 + VAT per learner for an annual subscription. Includes an on-line assessment and a Certificate of Completion for each module.


Leadership Essentials

Look at what leadership is and why it is important. Explore some of the myths and the essential qualities demanded of leaders. Focus on different leadership styles and learn how this may help you to lead others more effectively. You will also have the opportunity to apply what you've learned to a specific scenario. 

Delegating Effectively

Find out what delegation means for you and your team, and examine its pros and cons. Explore some of the risks associated with delegation, and look at the methods and techniques you can use to delegate more effectively so that you add value to the business. You will also have the opportunity to apply what you've learned to a specific scenario.

Project Management

Learn what project management is and examine the five key processes, methods and techniques that are used to manage projects successfully. Understand the project lifecycle and learn how to manage projects to ensure the best outcome for you, your team and the company. Identify the skills required by project managers to succeed. 

Time Management

Learn why time management is so important in business and explore some of the techniques for managing your time more effectively. Understand how to use the urgent/important matrix. The course will start with a case scenario, and you'll come back to it at the end to apply the techniques you've learnt.

Presentations that Impress

Gain an understanding of how to make your presentations more effective and impressive. Learn how to structure your presentations, improve your delivery and engage the audience to get the desired results. You will also have the opportunity to apply what you have learned in the context of a case scenario.

Emotional Intelligence

Learn about emotional intelligence - what it is, why it’s important and what you can do with it. Examine the five components of emotional intelligence and look at some of the methods and techniques for measuring emotional intelligence. Explore some of the emotional competencies to improve your performance as a leader.