Essentials Plus Package

Our Essentials Plus Package covers the additional knowledge requirements of staff in FCA regulated organisations. Modules such as Equality and Diversity and Emotional Intelligence help to ensure that you can deliver a healthy working environment. Modules such as Competition Law, Financial Integrity and Financial Crime Prevention will help you to reduce damage risks to your reputation.

Suitable for:

Leasing Brokers who want to build on the knowledge gained through our Essentials Package and deliver training that will have an impact on working practices and on the behaviours of individual employees. Whilst not mandated, Funders have oversight of the learning taking place.

Learning objectives:

This package aims to equip staff with the knowledge required to work responsibly and  effectively in the community that is the workplace. Modules will also help you to understand the standards required of staff working ethically in the wider financial industry.


11 modules delivering a total of 7 to 9 hours of learning. These modules are not specifically tailored to the vehicle leasing industry.


£59.95 + VAT per learner for an annual subscription. Includes an on-line assessment and a Certificate of Completion for each module.


Business Writing

Find out why good writing is an important business skill and how you use it to achieve results. You'll also have the opportunity to apply what you've learned in the context of a realistic scenario.

Competition Law

Learn about anti-competitive agreements and practices, and how you can avoid them. Understand how to comply with competition law and how to avoid abuse of market dominance.

Equality and Diversity in the Workplace

Appreciate the value of diversity and learn about what equality is. Understand how you can avoid and prevent discrimination and harassment, and how you can comply with the Equality Act.

Emotional Intelligence

Learn about emotional intelligence - what it is, why it’s important and what you can do with it. Take a look at some of the methods and techniques for measuring emotional intelligence and explore some of the emotional competencies to improve your performance as a leader.

Financial Crime Prevention

Understand the different type of financial crime, how you can take steps to prevent it, our mutual obligations related to it and recognise how and when to seek advice and support.

Financial Integrity

Be able to identify key financial reports and recognise the importance of financial integrity. Be able to recognise errors and when and how to report any malpractice.

Healthy Working

Understand your obligation to comply with Company procedures in order to maintain healthy working practices and a sense of well-being at work.

Information Security

Learn about information classification, data and network security, and access control to our offices. Look at what information security means to us and what you should do to prevent information loss or theft.

Responsible Use of Social Media

Appreciate the risks and benefits of using social media, be able to use it safely and professionally and be able to comply with your organisation’s Social Media Policy.

Working Safely

Be able to identify common hazards and the risks associated with them. Appreciate your responsibility for monitoring and reporting and how to take appropriate action to maintain health, safety and welfare at work.

Working From Home

Learn how to set up your homeworking environment, assess display screen equipment and home workstation, care for your health and well-being when working, Protect personal data at home, comply with regulations and best practices and stay in touch with your team and colleagues and whilst delivering on your expectations.

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