Action Counters Terrorism (ACT) Package

Action Counters Terrorism (ACT) Awareness e-Learning is a new Counter-Terrorism (CT) awareness product designed for all UK based companies and organisations.

 It provides nationally accredited corporate CT guidance to help industry better understand and mitigate against current terrorist methodology. It covers how to spot the signs of suspicious behaviour and what to do if an attack should take place. 

Suitable for:

This package is relevant to all our Members as it provides general awareness training to support security plans. In particular, it will support our members who have signed up to the Rental Vehicle Security Scheme (RVSS) by embedding a proactive security culture and training programme within the industry.

Learning objectives:

Being aware that the terrorism threat to the UK is real and having the appropriate measures in place to deny, detect and deter attacks, remaining vigilant and being able to respond appropriately to suspicious items, behaviours and threats, which can make the difference between life and death. This course will allow you to explore real scenarios and gain confidence in dealing with such events.


This course can be completed in around 45 minutes and is split into 7 modules. Content is regularly updated during the 12 month licence period.


This course has been developed by the National Counter Terrorism Security Office and is free to access.


Introduction to Terrorism

This module provides an introduction to the nature of the threat we all face from terrorism. You will see examples of the current attack methodology being used by terrorists to cause us harm and gain an appreciation of how we can all play a part in the mitigation of this threat.

Identifying Security Vulnerabilities

Learn how to identify organisational and structural vulnerabilities and how this can help to deter  terrorism. Watch a video recording of a suspicious person gaining access to a building and take a look at whether you can identify the poor working practices that has allowed this organisation to become vulnerable.

How to Identify and Respond to Suspicious Behaviour

Understand the reasons why suspicious behaviour may be linked to attack planning and the importance of reporting these behaviours at the earliest opportunity. Have the confidence to act upon your suspicions and understand why this will play a vital role in disrupting terrorist activity.

How to Identify and Deal with a Suspicious Item

Know how to use your judgement to identify a suspicious item by using the HOT protocol, important as the majority of unattended items are indeed harmless. Once a package has been identified as suspicious, understand the actions you should take to keep those around you safe from possible harm, until the item has been fully investigated.

What to do in the Event of a Bomb Threat

Would you know what to do in the event of a bomb threat? This module is scenario based and investigates how you would respond in the event of such a threat. It allows you to calmly reflect on the choices that you would make and will help you to gain confidence in knowing that you would be able to deal with a similar real-life situation.

Firearms or Weapons Attack

Understand the RUN HIDE TELL principles of how to stay safe in the unlikley event of a firearms or weapons attack. Understand how to interact with the police and what to do until you can be safely evacuated. Examine the eyewitness account from the June 2015 Tunisia attack and understand how the practical application of RUN HIDE TELL in any environment can save lives.

Summary and Supporting Information

Understand that reporting suspicious behaviour and activity can make the difference between life and death and that together we can make a difference. Access a number of useful resources including guidelines, checklists, YouTube links and external websites to support and reinforce the messages contained within this package.