Tyne Tunnel: new UTCN process

Following successful lobbying by the BVRLA, the operators of the Tyne Tunnel, TT2 Ltd have agreed to accept representations for unpaid toll charge notices (UTCNs) from BVRLA members electronically.

The Tyne Tunnel is now operated as a free-flow tunnel, similar to Dartford and the Mersey tunnel, therefore members had started to receive UTCNs where their customers had forgotten to pay the charge and had to send copy hire agreements etc. which causes a great deal of administration. 

The new process, which is the same as for Dartford and the Mersey tunnel, means that when members receive a UTCN for the Tyne Tunnel they can add the customer details to the spreadsheet and email it to tt2limited@tt2.co.uk

Members will need to make sure their privacy policy and statement of liability is broad enough to cover this scheme - to allow them to share customers’ details. 

Any questions, contact hayleigh@bvrla.co.uk