New consultation - Reforming Competition and Consumer Policy

Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) has published a new consultation on Reforming Competition and Consumer Policy.

BEIS state there is evidence that some markets are lacking proper competition, and consumers’ rights in some areas need protecting. Reforming Competition and Consumer Policy consultation sets out proposals to achieve this, and to deliver the manifesto commitment to give the Competition & Markets Authority (CMA) enhanced powers to tackle consumer rip-offs and bad business practices. The consultation which runs to 147 pages cover a lot of issues, however a few which may be of interest to members include:

  • Drip Pricing – Government is looking at whether they should do more to stop this practice
  • Government is looking for suggestions on existing consumer law which could be simplified – BVRLA will call for simplification of distance selling regs regarding cooling off rights for consumers but we would welcome further suggestions.
  • Gov is intending to strengthen the minimum service expectations of ADR providers – There is very little detail on what this means other than focusing on four key principles to improve the quality of ADR: neutrality, efficiency, accessibility, and transparency
  • Collective redress they are looking at “To what extent do you consider it necessary to open up further routes to collective consumer redress in the UK to help consumers resolve disputes? “ Always a big concern for businesses due to US style class action etc.

The association welcomes views from members on any of these points or anything else covered in the consultation. Email [email protected] with your views by 13 August.