BVRLA response - Law Commission - Automated Vehicles: Consultation Paper 2 on Passenger Services and Public Transport

This consultation was the second from the Law Commission who have been tasked to review the regulatory framework for the safe deployment of automated vehicles in the UK. The second consultation relates to the regulation of highly automated road passenger services (HARPS).

In it’s response the BVRLA highlighted the importance of consumer protection and the safety and security of vehicles to its members and raised questions about how safety can be guaranteed when there does not appear to be anyone taking the role of the driver/person in charge. Feedback from members indicated that fully autonomous vehicle operation should only ever be signed off once there is absolute confidence in the insurance and legislative regime.

The Law Commission was particularly keen to hear from the BVRLA and it’s members in relation to chapter 5 of the consultation which relates to Setting a boundary between HARPS and private leasing.  The BVRLA responded by stating that it would resist any implication that these risks should sit with a lessor and that when it comes to insurance, the reporting of accidents and vehicle safety, this should be no different to a lessee under a lease and should be the same as is currently applied for human driven vehicles.