Getting To Grips With Grey Fleet

​What is the Grey Fleet?

The grey fleet is the name given to private vehicles which are used for business travel.

Organisations across the UK are missing a huge opportunity to slash their business travel costs, cut harmful CO2 and NOx emissions and improve road safety, according to a new report commissioned by the BVRLA.

Employers are spending around £5.5billion a year on the ‘grey fleet’ – private vehicles that are used for business. Research by the Energy Saving Trust has shown that 12bn miles are driven each year in grey fleet vehicles, emitting 3.5million tonnes of CO2. These same cars are also responsible for a significant portion of the £2.7bn costs associated with work-related road accidents.

The BVRLA is urging bosses and policymakers to get to grips with grey fleet by targeting a 50% reduction in mileage and costs by 2020.

​How are Grey Fleet vehicles used?








Publication Date: 
Friday, March 10, 2017