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New membership fee structure for leasing brokers

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From January 1 2018 the BVRLA moved from a flat subscription fee of £715 for all leasing brokers to a tiered structure that better represents the different scale of businesses operating within the sector:

                                  Group 1    Group 2       Group 3      Group 4
Vehicle Units              
<250      251-700     701-1000      1000+
Annual Subscription    £600        £700           £1,500        £2,000
% LB members               44%         31%              10%             15%

The introduction of the new structure has generated much discussion and feedback from broker members. BVRLA Chief Executive Gerry Keaney has sent a separate detailed response on the issues arising to all brokers.

The 2018 fee structure will be fixed for a minimum of 12 months and a sub-group of the Leasing Broker Committee has agreed to review the future development of Leasing Broker subscriptions.

To discuss this further, contact Director of Policy and Membership Jay Parmar