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BVRLA promotes counter-terrorism campaign

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The National Counter Terrorism Police Headquarters (NCTPHQ) has produced a suite of promotional material for rental members including an A4 poster to be displayed in branches and an online banner for display on websites.

The BVRLA Member Services Director Nora Leggett said: “Together, as a vehicle rental community, we must do all we can to deter terrorists from seeing our sector as a source of vehicle acquisition for use in acts of terror.

“It is in all our interests to do our bit to protect ourselves from terrorism. By being proactive at communicating deterrent messaging, our sector can do its bit to help.”

The BVRLA is continuing to liaise with the NCTPHQ and other law enforcement organisations, as well as government departments, to explore ways to support counter-terrorism activity and deter the use of rental vehicles as weapons of choice for terrorists.

The BVRLA would like members to use the promotional material provided by the NCTPHQ, which can be accessed here via the BVRLA website.