About the BVRLA

Why join the BVRLA?

Why join the BVRLA?

Status and credibility
BVRLA members are quality assured and operate under sector-specific codes of conduct. This reassures potential customers that they are dealing with a reputable company that will offer the highest levels of service, backed up by the BVRLA's TSI-approved conciliation service.

Voice of the industry
The BVRLA protects members’ interests by campaigning for open, competitive and fair legislation and regulation, both in the UK and the EU.

Advice and information
From corporation tax to congestion charging, the BVRLA provides regular insight and guidance into issues affecting the vehicle rental and leasing industry. Advice is available to those who are thinking about setting up a rental company here.

Member services
Membership gives access to a wide range of events, products and services, including industry-specific training, seminars, forums and conferences and a series of best-practice publications and forms. The BVRLA also offers a suite of electronic services, including a fraud-prevention system and a vehicle mileage database.

How to join

The BVRLA has more than 900 members, divided into four categories of membership:

Corporate membership
This is open to companies involved directly in the short and long-term rental or fleet management of cars, vans and trucks. BVRLA corporate members range in size from large, multinational organisations down to family-owned local businesses. More information about the conditions of membership are contained in the corporate membership application form. (Download application form)

Leasing broker membership
This is available to finance brokers acting as an intermediary in the leasing of motor vehicles. The BVRLA has more than 300 leasing broker members, which represents a significant majority of the professional leasing broker market. The association is working closely with car manufacturers, leasing companies and the automotive media to raise standards of professionalism in this sector of the industry. More information about the costs and conditions of membership are contained in the leasing broker membership application form. (Download application form)

Rental broker membership
This category of membership is available to rental brokers who broker to corporate customers only on behalf of BVRLA members. The BVRLA has developed a Code of Conduct and inspection process for rental brokers that focusses on transparency and clarity of information provided during the booking process to ensure that customers have a hassle-free experience regardless of the booking method they use. (Download application form)

Associate membership
This can be of immense benefit to companies that supply goods or services to our industry, allowing them to align their brand with that of the BVRLA. It provides numerous advertising, sponsorship and networking opportunities in our communications and at our events. More information about the costs, conditions and advantages of membership are contained in the associate membership application form. (Download application form)

Alternatively, if you require one of the BVRLA's membership team to contact you, please fill in our membership enquiry form.