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Cutting Red Tape

Businesses are often deterred from investing in growth and jobs because they have to spend so much money dealing with excessive bureaucracy.

The BVRLA is encouraging the government’s motoring agencies to use more digital services, remove the burden of paperwork and introduce light-touch regulation wherever the private sector can prove it is operating responsibly.

We are currently lobbying government on the following to reduce the burden on businesses:

Motoring agencies 

The DVLA’s move away from paper-based identifications and certifications to electronic services has the potential to save it and its customers a huge amount of administrative time and money. We are encouraging the Government to ensure that any future legislative changes do not result in extra, unforeseen administrative burdens being transferred onto to the fleet sector.With both the DVLA and the DVSA undergoing a huge modernisation and change programme, it is vital that the agencies are given an adequate budget to publicise and provide guidance around key events such as the recent removal of the paper driving licence counterpart.

Parking penalties and appeals

The current system of managing parking penalties and appeals is in desperate need of harmonisation. Bringing parking enforcement, penalties and appeals under a single authority or standards regime would provide greater clarity and consistency for customers. We believe that the Government should explore the potential for appointing the DVLA as a central issuing and appeals authority.Expansion of commercial vehicle testing facilities. While the introduction of new authorised testing facilities (ATFs) has been a success, the requirement that vehicle examiners must be directly employed by the DVSA is holding back the private sector’s ability to provide a flexible, efficient testing service. These issue could be addressed by adopting the MOT testing model currently available for private cars and light commercial vehicles, and enabling ATFs to use their own staff (accredited by the DVSA) to carry out the full range of services offered at DVSA test stations.Create a new, enhanced CPC standard for transport managers

In order for fleet operators to qualify for a Goods Vehicle Operator’s Licence, they must demonstrate professional   competency by attaining the Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC). However, the exam required to achieve the CPC is identical regardless of the number of vehicles the transport manager intends to operate. It does not take into account the different skillsets required by the manager of a large fleet compared to the operator of a single vehicle.We propose that the potential for a two-tier CPC standard is explored. The first could assess the competency of would-be transport managers to manage a small number of goods vehicles to the current standard. A more substantial competency test should be required to qualify to operate a large fleet.


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