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The motor vehicle leasing and rental industry accounts for more than one in every seven vehicles on the UK’s roads, solving transport issues for businesses and individuals alike.

The opportunity to lease and rent vehicles offers firms and households access to modern, fuel-efficient vehicles without the strain of upfront capital expenditure. But beyond the benefits enjoyed by its customers, the industry also contributes a huge amount to the national economy, as outlined in this report.



The BVRLA has published its latest Quarterly Leasing Survey results, showing that the overall car leasing market shrank for the first time since BVRLA started compiling this survey in 2014, with the total fleet leasing sector for cars and vans at 1.329m, a fall of 16,000 on the same period last year.

The fleet leasing market for cars (Contract hire and Finance lease only) continues to shrink, down by 4% year on year. It now stands at 948,000.